Residential Moving

Let us help you plan the big day ahead with our moving tips, advice from our experienced moving consultants and our packing services and supplies. We handle all types of residential moves from small apartments to large homes, collections to specialized shipments.

No job is too large or small for us to handle. Our experienced packers, loaders, drivers and communications managers understand that trust is implicit in the safe handling of your valuable belongings.

We offer a complimentary blanket wrapping service for all furniture and additional special Packing Services are available on request.

Temporary or long term Storage in Montreal is also available. Our 7 day a week residential moving service is available for local Montreal and Quebec moves, plus long distance and international locations.

Do my appliances require special servicing?

Most machines and mechanical equipment do need to be prepared by a licensed professional before being moved. Your Moving Consultant will advise you. It is important to remember that articles not serviced, travel at owner risk for internal damage.

Are there items I can't have moved on the truck?

Yes. As a matter of public safety, there is legislation restricting the transportation of dangerous goods. Some commodities may be included in your shipment under controlled conditions while law prohibits transport of others. In either case, you must disclose to the moving team every item you intend to include with your shipment that poses a hazard. A few prohibited items include: gasoline, propane tanks, oxygen, fire extinguishers, ammunition and fireworks. Ask your Moving Consultant for further information.

How does the driver keep track of my goods?

All items in your home will be inventoried on load day. Items are numbered and a brief description of the condition is listed on the inventory sheet. On delivery, you can check off each number as the corresponding item enters your home.

Residential MovesNo job is too large or small
Commercial MovesOffice, Retail & Manufacturing Re-locations
Long Distance MovesAcross North America
Self StorageUnits from 25 to 200 sq.ft
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    Priscilla D
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    Kdk Korbiak
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    Sophie Privé