Moving Tips

General Tips

Remember to empty and turn off refrigerators and freezers at least 24 hours prior to loading, keeping the doors open to prevent the growth of mold and unpleasant odor. After delivery, wait 4-6 hours before plugging in and turning on your appliances to avoid permanent damage. Sometimes fluids upset in travel or transistors exposed to cold need time to acclimate. Moving is the perfect opportunity to have rugs and draperies cleaned. It is recommended to leave any pre-cleaned items in their packaging until after transport and delivery It is recommended to avoid refinishing furniture prior to moving. The finish may not have had time to dry and may be damaged with the natural changes in environmental humidity. Consult with us about servicing specialty items such as pianos and grandfather clocks, which may need to be calibrated after delivery.

Dangerous Materials

There are many household goods which are dangerous to transport and often prohibited by transportation laws. Please check the following list to make sure that these items are safely disposed of prior to moving day.

All flammables, corrosives and explosive items. All liquids. batteries, aerosols, paints, fertilizers and pesticides, charcoal, matches, nail polish and remover, ammunition, cleaning products, oils, pool chemicals, propane tanks (unless certified empty and sealed), chemistry sets, argon tanks, pressurized tanks. Remember to drain oil and fuel from your lawnmower and other machinery. The oil in an older model sewing machine can damage your upholstered items beyond repair! Please verify with Canada or U.S. customs as to what laws apply to the regulated or prohibited flow of goods, such as firearms, animals, plants, food and endangered species.

Plants and Perishable Food

Plants and perishable food may die or spoil in transit and we recommend finding another home for them or personally arranging for their transportation.

Things to keep with you

It is wise to keep a number of personal items with you at all times so as to ensure uninhibited access to them. Below is a partial list of things to set aside that Action Moving and Storage does not recommend for shipping.

Address books, car keys, air, bus or train tickets Identification, visas, birth certificates Stocks, bonds, check books, debit cards or other forms of currency Computer software, financial statements, tax records Jewelry and medicine

Did you remember?…

To make your changes of address with friends, family, businesses and institutions? To arrange for all other mail to be forwarded?

To make provisions for your pets?

To cancel deliveries and subscriptions? To return library books? To set aside clothes and toys that you’ll need access to? To make arrangements for connection of utilities at your new home?

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